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IASD Annual Conference
June 22 - 26, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2:30p - 4:00pm

Facilitators: Jason K. Norris, MA & Lana Nasser, MA

What does your dream sound like, and how does it move in your body? Is there a musical tone or rhythm that resonates with a particular dream element? Is there a movement or gesture that evokes a specific character or theme? Certain archetypes and emotions can be associated with sonic frequencies and body movements. For instance, working with our animal selves, we can vocalize the animal's call or position our bodies in its posture. We can express sadness with a minor chord or a slouch and frown. Fear might be expressed as a scream or constricted movement, while joy might be played as a ditty on the steel drum or by jumping up and down. There are even musical ratios that are correlated with elemental qualities, such as the 2nd for invoking "water" or the 6th for dispersing excess "fire." Using sound and movement can help invoke these vibrations in our bodies. We can then begin to feel these dream qualities in a new light, changing our relationship to them—and our overall understanding.

The workshop will begin and end with a sound attunement to help bring the group into collective resonance and enter into the dream space. We will (1) work with ways of embodying our individual dream elements through sound and movement, and (2) interact with each other as our respective dream elements to create a new, collective dream. Dream Theater, Role Play, and Improvisation will be explored. While this workshop is geared around movement and making sound, stillness and silence are also honored. Participants are encouraged to explore at their own comfort level. No prior musical, dance, or dreamwork experience is necessary, and all levels are welcome.

Conference Details: http://asdreams.org/2012/
Full Conference Schedule: http://asdreams.org/2012/schedule.html
Registration: http://asdreams.org/2012/registration.html

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